Life Coaching Services

  • Personality

    My clients find my honesty, transparency & humility useful. I believe being honest & transparent about my strengths and weakness allows my clients to feel safe to share their struggles with taking their next steps. My humility is birthed from my place of being a consistent student, always being willing to learn. I understand that I don't know everything this approach allows me to hear each client individually allowing me to help meet their needs.

  • Process

    Our coaching services are individually designed based on the client's needs. As the client you work to set your goal, and we partner with you to help you achieve it over time. 

    I recommend booking a month initially, with our meeting occurring weekly. This time allows the coach & client to develop & establish a relationship and firm plan for growth. I have found that after about a month the client & coach can work together to define what's working, review results, and make any necessary adjustments. 

  • Pricing

    While some coaching programs cost more than $10,000, I find my clients are best served with a small weekly payment. As my clients grow and reach their goals, they can continue their coaching or choose to end their coaching services at any time. There is no long-term obligation.

    Current rate is $40 per session. Sessions range from 30 min to an hour, based on client needs and availability.

Client Testimonial

"I am grateful for all of the wisdom and guidance she has imparted to me and helping me reach goals that have been on my calendar for years. If anyone needs a professional, motivating, and encouraging Life Coach she is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend her to ANYONE! I am so grateful and can't wait to see what God does in the future!" 

-Jasmine Wright

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